‘kill 2’ 1 July 1916

On 1 July (first day of the Battle of the Somme) an offensive patrol was mounted by 24 Sqn from 1230am until 1430pm. Taking part were Lt Purdon in Bristol C Scout 5134, Lt Bayetto in Morane N Scout 5195, Lt Wilson in DH2 5198, Lt Morgan in 6011, Lt Sibley in 5990, Lt Wood in 5967 and Lt Knight in 5931. They met some FE2b’s over Bapaume and escorted them back to the lines. Three enemy aircraft were seen over Biefvillers and were attacked by Tone and Knight, Tone forced the aircraft he attacked down and Knight gave up the chase over Bapaume. [CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196].

“. . . . The third patrol of this squadron when over Bapaume saw, far below, three German aeroplanes flying at about a thousand feet. Second lieutenant T P H Bayetto, on a Morane Scout, dived and forced one of them to land in a field: the other two flew away.”

H A Jones The War in the Air Vol 2
from ‘A brief history of the Royal Flying Corps in WW1′