Crash Landing 2 July 1916

On 2 July (2nd day of Battle of the Somme) Tone in Morane N Scout 5195 twice attacked a balloon near Flers, forcing it to be hauled down. During the second attack he was hit by ‘archie’, damaging his propeller and one valve rocker, bending and twisting others. The engine cowl was torn off and one warping wire was shot away, he was thrown into a side-slip, but regained control and climbed to 2500ft. Tone’s motor was only developing 7-800 revs and vibrating badly, he landed on the British side of the lines near Carnox, and arranged for the machine to be moved across fields one and a half miles for collection by squadron transport. [CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196].