Engaged Hostiles and Gun Jam 21 July 1916

On 21 July Toné engaged hostiles twice during an early afternoon army patrol in MS178A but on both occasions he was forced to withdraw after his gun jammed. Later that afternoon he saw more EA being chased by “DHs and FA” also “saw big explosion or gas attack west of Peronne”. [CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196, AIR 1/169/15/160/5]

‘Kill 3’, 20 July 1916

On 20 July Toné was conducting escort and patrol duties in MS178A He engaged a hostile which was being chased by a Nieuport. He saw his Buckingham tracers enter the fuselage and right wing as the”Hun machine dived and turned to the right and entered a cloud. The Nieuport and I dived beneath the clouds but could not see the HA owing to thick atmosphere”. [CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196, AIR 1/169/15/160/5]

Narrow escape, 19 July 1916

Tone was flying Morane A178 in the morning when he was attacked by three German biplanes, thought to have been Rolands, and managed to escape by diving away. Whilst in the dive the Morane inverted and the tail dropped and started to spiral. Tone was then forced to flatten out before making his way back. That afternoon/evening he made four further flights as escort to no.3 Squadron during which he had to land at no 3 Sqdn “owing to engine trouble”. [CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196; AIR 1/169/15/160/5]. Aeroplane photo: Cross & Cockade Intl Winter 2014 45.283]

From Cross & Cockade Int.2014;45(4):283

Army Patrol 16 July 1916

Toné on army patrol in Morane Scout 178A. “Lost DH in clouds. Saw FE at 6,000ft so I climbed up to it but found I could not see the ground. Came down under the clouds over Peronne. Clouds then were at 3,500ft. Later in a thick layer of clouds came up at 500ft. Very active movements by our troops and heavy shelling on the front between Martinpuich and Flers”.

Test & Escort Flights 15 July 1916

Toné had a morning test flight in Morane Scout 178A “testing new engine and wings”. Four evening fights as escort to no.3 Squadron “down at HA over Beaulencourt but found it to be a Nieuport Scout. Climbed up again and continued escort. Landed at No. 3 Sqd again owing to oil not pulsating in glass” [AIR 1/169/15/160/5]

Patrols 9 July 2016

Toné on two patrols in Morane Scout 178A. First: “saw arrow out at Albert, but could not find HA machines. Engine missing all the time I was up.” Second: “Saw no HA over Trones Wood. Saw two HA north of Bafaume at about 1000ft going NE. No other HA seen” [AIR 1/169/15/160/5]

Crash Landing 2 July 1916

On 2 July (2nd day of Battle of the Somme) Tone in Morane N Scout 5195 twice attacked a balloon near Flers, forcing it to be hauled down. During the second attack he was hit by ‘archie’, damaging his propeller and one valve rocker, bending and twisting others. The engine cowl was torn off and one warping wire was shot away, he was thrown into a side-slip, but regained control and climbed to 2500ft. Tone’s motor was only developing 7-800 revs and vibrating badly, he landed on the British side of the lines near Carnox, and arranged for the machine to be moved across fields one and a half miles for collection by squadron transport. [CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196].