Action on 25 June 2016

On June 25 Tone attacked two Fokkers near Boursies both of which landed on an enemy aerodrome. Tone was then shot at by German anti-aircraft fire and he made his escape. Later the same day he saw two LVGs near Bois de Logeast whilst on patrol. [CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196]

Action on 18 June

On June 18 Toné in Morane 5195 attacked two Albatri over Bois d’Avluy. The Albatri were flying at 6500ft, Tone dived from 13500ft, the Albatri split up when attacked and Tone was forced to cut short the chase because he did not have much fuel. [AIR 1/169/15/160/5 ; CROSS & COCKADE INT.1995;26(4):191-196]