McCudden 25 Dec 1915

It is highly likely that Toné spent Xmas evening with James McCudden whose account follows:

“On that evening all the Sergeants in the squadron waited on the men at Xmas dinner, according to an old army custom and the men really did themselves very well. After the men had fed, we retired to our mess, and had our dinner, which was a great success, largely due to our kindly host and hostess, with whom we had our meals in our billet behind the squadron office at Auchel. After dinner we had the inevitable speech-making, at which “Fonso” was at his very best. He also recited a revised version of “Gunga Din” (his own), which family made us scream with laughter. Fonso also had a most extensive repertoire of drawing room stories and he was constantly on his feet most of the evening. Altogether the Xmas of 1915 at Auchel was, I think, one of the very best I have ever spent”